Time of Day Routing

Learn more about how Time of Day Routing helps manage your calls during busy periods, or when you are closed

What is Time of Day Routing?

Very few businesses are truely 24/7 and often have varying requirements for handling their calls during different times of the day. Time of Day Routing allows you to automatically change the behaviour of your numbers depending on what time of day it is.

An example of common usage is to call your staff during working hours but present to a voicemail box or out-of-hours call centre once the business has closed for the day. Callers often feel frustrated if they are left holding when everybody has gone home. Time of Day Routing is an ideal way to ensure that your callers are always handled appropriately and avoids you receiving business related calls when you have finished for the day.

Businesses that receive a large volume of calls can use Time of Day Routing during busy periods to divert calls to a larger team or call centre capable of helping customers when all internal staff are busy.

What Are The Advantages of Time of Day Routing?

  • Fully automated once setup in advance
  • Ensures callers do not end up waiting unnecessarily, for example when your business is closed
  • Divert calls to different staff or teams during busy periods to improve service levels
  • Lets you switch off and not receive business calls during your down-time

How Do I Get Time of Day Routing and How Much Does It Cost?

Time of Day Routing is available on our Business and Unlimited packages. When setting up your numbers choose Time-of-Day as your behaviour and follow the simple on-screen prompts to setup your time ranges.

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