Make Outbound Calls Using the Virtually Local App

Keep your work and personal life separate, and maintain your company brand at the same time, by making calls from your Virtual Number. There's no need for a second SIM or Phone.

* Requires Android OS 4.3+ or Apple iOS 9.3+
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Outbound Calls From Your Virtual Number

Use the Virtually Local App to make outbound calls from your virtual numnber so that your personal mobile number is hidden from your customers.

This improves your company's professional image and ensures people returning your calls are appropriately directed by your main virtual number.

Save Money By Using Your Call Bundle

The cost of calls made using the Virtually Local App are included within your number's bundle. As the calls are securely made via the internet you won't pay your mobile provider a penny as long as you have a data connection.

This means you won't need to worry about unexpected phone charges, whether at home or abroad, as you can even use your bundle when travelling.

Record Your Outbound Calls

You have the option to record all calls made by the Virtually Local App. Call recording is an invaluable tool for reviewing what was said, and by who, meaning you don't always need to take notes or remember important facts when you are busy.

Some customers are required to record their calls by law. Your call recordings are securely stored in the UK, fully encrypted, can be kept for up to seven years (package dependent) and are compliant to MIFID II standards.

Case Study

Virtually Local App Is A Game Changer For Care In The Community

National UK Charity

Picture of iPhone running the VL app

Photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash

The Problem Faced By A National Charity

A national charity providing essential care to the elderly and vulnerable in the community realised that care givers needed a fast and convenient method of communication regardless of their location. Carers needed an easy way to both be reached by the office, and reach out to patients wherever they were. Simply using traditional mobile phones proved impractical as numbers were constantly changing as carers and devices changed.

In addition, before adopting the App, a recurring problem was that carers' personal mobile numbers were being stored by patients who would try to call these numbers back, sometimes requiring emergency care. Due to carer rotation and shifts there was a chance that these calls were not answered and the correct help could not be given.

The Solution Provided By The Virtually Local App

To address these challenges the charity decided to transition to a cloud based solution provided by Virtually Local's mobile App. No longer relying on device and user specific mobile phone numbers meant that the right care givers throughout the community were always contactable and nobody was searching through lists of mobile numbers.

The care givers themselves were able to make calls to patients via the App without any worry of incurring expensive call costs themselves or giving out their personal mobile number. All calls made by app users displayed on the patients' phones as the main charity number ensuring that if they called back, their call would be answered by people best placed to give the care needed.

Speed and Ease of App Deployment

Deployment across 16 carers was completed in a single day. Setting up new users could be done by anyone and took a matter of moments and users could log in immediately after downloading the App by scanning a convenient QR code, with no need to remember usernames or passwords.

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