Call Forwarding

Learn more about how Call Forwarding can help improve your business' professional image and perceived size

What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding is a seemless way of diverting calls from one number to another such as your personal mobile, without giving away where they are diverted to. This means you can publish a professional or memorable geographic number starting 01 or 02 but in reality calls will ring on your mobile or landline elsewhere.

Call Forwarding is completly seemless and the caller has no idea that their call is actually ringing elsewhere.

There are many reasons why this is helpful to all sizes of business. Small businesses that do not have a phone system can still advertise with landline numbers but receive calls on their mobiles. Research shows that customers are six times more likely to call a local landline number as opposed to a mobile.

Other great reasons to take advantage of Call Forwarding is that you can publish local numbers for local adverts without actually having to have a landline or office in the area itself. This gives your business a local feel whilst avoiding the high expense of renting real landlines.

Additionally, Call Forwarding is not limited to going to just a single number. You can forward your calls to multiple numbers at the same time or a series of numbers one after the other to ensure maximum chance of your callers being answered. Don't forget you can also enable Cloud Voicemail to E-Mail in the event nobody is available.

What Are The Advantages of Call Forwarding?

  • Completely seamless - the caller has no idea their call is being forwarded
  • Calls can be forwarded to a single number, a group or numbers, or a list of numbers one after the other
  • Keeps the underlying numbers, such as your personal mobile, private and unknown to the caller
  • Can be forwarded to both mobiles and existing landlines, including phone systems
  • Allows you to track advertising response by publishing different numbers for different adverts

How Do I Get Call Forwarding and How Much Does It Cost?

Call Forwarding is one of our most basic features and is included in all of our packages.

It is very easy to setup and you will be asked where you want your virtual number forwarding to when setting it up.

Let's Get Started

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  • FREE setup and instant activation on all standard numbers
  • Packages starting from just £3.95 per month
  • Choice of phone numbers in all towns and cities across the UK
  • Monthly rolling contract, you can cancel at any time
  • Make outbound calls from your virtual number
  • Keep your BT landline number by bringing it with you