Call Whisper &
Choose To Refuse

Learn more about how call whisper and choose to refuse helps you decide which calls are genuine and how to answer them appropriately

What is Call Whisper & Choose To Refuse?

Used together Call Whisper & Choose To Refuse provide you with the information you need to decide whether to answer a call and if so how it is best to greet the caller. Call Whisper reads out the virtual landline number that your caller dialled so you know how to answer the call. This is especially useful if you have multiple businesses or multiple virtual numbers diverting to the same destinations. This is done without the caller knowing (they will still be hearing ringing) and you have the opportunity to decline the call having heard this information.

When you answer a call you are secretly given the option to accept or decline the call. This is useful to prevent mobile network voicemail services inadvertently answering your callers as if the option to accept is not pressed it will behave as if you did not answer the call, thus trying the next number you have configured.

What Are The Advantages of Call Whisper & Choose To Refuse?

  • Easily identify which virtual number your caller rang
  • Ability to decline a call or allow it to pass on to the next number in your ring group
  • Avoid mobile voicemail intercepting your calls
  • Quickly refuse SPAM and nuisance callers

How Do I Get Call Whisper & Choose To Refuse and How Much Does It Cost?

Call Whisper & Choose To Refuse is available on our Business and Unlimited plans.

Simply enable Call Whisper when prompted by the wizard when configuring your number.

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