Secure Call Recording

Learn more about how Secure Call Recording can make life easier for you and your business

What is Secure Call Recording?

It has never been more important to have an accurate record of exactly what was said and by whom. This ensures you can check back on important points of discussion and refer to specific details within a call. For example, if you are taking a complex order but are not in a position to take detailed notes, you can simply refer back to the call recording at a later date without worrying that you might have forgotten something.

Some customers, including those regulated by the FCA, are required to record all of their customer interactions by law. Secure Call Recording from Virtually Local enables you to do just that without the need for expensive apps or hardware. Call Recording is non-intrusive and can be done with or without the callers knowledge. Historically, there has been confusion as to whether you can record calls without letting your customer know. Under current GDPR legislation there is no need to advise your caller's that they are being recorded as long as you are only recording the call for your own use and are not sharing it with any third party.

Calls are encrypted and securely stored within the UK and we offer a variety retention durations to suit your needs and based on your chosen package.

Calls are easily downloaded in MP3 format from our "My Virtually Local" web portal and are available straight after the call has ended.

What Are The Advantages of Secure Call Recording?

  • Keep an accurate record of what was said during your customer interactions
  • An easy way to stay compliant to your industry's regulations, such as MIFID II
  • Helps resolve any misunderstandings that may have arisen as a result of a phone call between you and your customer
  • Securely stored in the UK
  • Retention from 28 days up to 7 years, subject to your chosen package
  • Turn the feature on or off at the click of a button when managing your number
  • Download the recording in MP3 format just minutes after the call ends

How Do I Get Secure Call Recording and How Much Does It Cost?

Secure Call Recording is included in our Business and Unlimited packages. Simply choose one of these packages and it will be available to use when setting up your number.

Take a look at our different packages to see what other features your business can benefit from.

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