Advanced Call Distribution

Learn more about how Advanced Call Distribution ensures your callers get through to the right person, first time

What is Advanced Call Distribution?

Advanced Call Distribution is a more powerful version of Call Forwarding aimed at businesses which require more control over who answers their calls. It enables you to forward your calls to more than one person - either a group of numbers at once, or sequentially one after the other. Your caller will be unaware that we are working hard behind the scenes to get their call answered by the right person

This is ideal for businesses that receive a larger volume of calls and therefore have more than one person available to take them. It also helps smaller businesses that primarily try one person but gives them the ability to overflow the call to someone else or even a call centre.

What Are The Advantages of Advanced Call Distribution?

  • Does not rely on a single person having to answer all calls
  • Enables integration with an overflow call centre
  • Perfect for businesses which have more than one member of staff available to take calls at any one time
  • Reduces the chance of you missing a call
  • Allows you to group staff together per department, for example Sales and Customer Support

How Do I Get Advanced Call Distribution and How Much Does It Cost?

Advanced Call Distribution is available on our Business and Unlimited packages. When configuring your numbers within the My Virtually Local portal you should specify whether you want to divert a group of people or try one person after another. You then have opportunity to enter their mobile or landline numbers accordingly.

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