Cloud Voicemail to E-Mail

Learn more about how Cloud Voicemail to E-Mail can help your business become more efficient

What is Cloud Voicemail to E-Mail?

Avoid ever missing a call again with cloud voicemail. This is a service which improves on traditional voicemail because it is fully provided in the cloud with no special hardware or software required on your phone.

It is available 24/7 and will greet your callers with a custom message when you are unable to take the call in person. You choose exactly when your voicemail kicks in and can be after trying just one person for a short period of time or after many people have been tried for longer. We recommend that you disable any voicemail service provided by your mobile network or landline provider.

You do not even need to dial-in to a complex system to listen to the message as it will be E-Mailed to you straight away.

What Are The Advantages of Cloud Voicemail to E-Mail?

  • Always available even when you're not
  • Greet your caller with your own custom greeting. Either upload one or record it yourself using a phone
  • E-Mails you a copy of the message as soon as it is left
  • Keep your messages securely in the cloud for up to 28 days
  • Never miss a call again!

How Do I Get Cloud Voicemail and How Much Does It Cost?

Cloud Voicemail to E-Mail is included in our Essential+, Business, and Unlimited packages. Simply choose one of these packages and it will be available to use when setting up your number.

Take a look at our different packages to see what other features your business can benefit from.

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  • FREE setup and instant activation on all standard numbers
  • Packages starting from just £3.95 per month
  • Choice of phone numbers in all towns and cities across the UK
  • Monthly rolling contract, you can cancel at any time
  • Make outbound calls from your virtual number
  • Keep your BT landline number by bringing it with you