Personalised Greetings

Learn how playing Personalised Greetings to your caller gives your business a professional edge

What are Personalised Greetings?

Playing a bespoke welcome message to all of your callers is a great way to improve the professional image and perceived size of your business. You will often hear these in the form of "Thankyou for calling, please wait whilst your call is answered" when you call larger businesses. As well as being a friendly and professional way to greet your callers it confirms to them that they have called the right business, thus cutting down on time taken dealing with wrong numbers. You can also use these greetings to advise callers of important information such as call recording being enabled or your opening hours.

You can upload your own greeting via the My Virtually Local portal or alternatively choose from a number of free pre-recorded greetings that we provide.

What Are The Advantages of Personalised Greetings?

  • A friendly and professional way to greet your callers
  • Upload your own professionally recorded greeting or use one of our free ones
  • Confirms to your callers that they have reached the right business
  • Automatically advise callers of important information such as call recording before they are connected to you
  • Gives your business a professional appearance

How Do I Get Personalised Greetings and How Much Does It Cost?

Personalised Greetings are available on our Business and Unlimited packages. When setting up your numbers you will be asked during the wizard whether you wish to play any greetings - all you need to do is select the right one. Make sure you have uploaded any customer greetings beforehand.

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