Bring Your Own Number

You can bring any existing phone numbers you already have and convert them to virtual landlines with Virtually Local. Save money on line rental and get powerful features

Can I Keep My Existing Phone Number?

Yes, you can bring your existing BT, Virgin, and most other landline numbers into Virtually Local for free.

Are BT Really Switching Off The Analogue Phone Network?

Yes, BT has comitted to switching off the PSTN (this is the service where you plug an analogue phone into a wall socket) by the end of 2025 at the latest. Some areas in the UK are being switched off sooner that this so now is the ideal time to convert your number to a virtual landline.

How Do I Convert My Number To A Virtual Landline?

There is a very simple process known as "Number Porting" that will enable you to bring your number into Virtually Local. We will handle all the details for you and even liaise with your old provider to arrange the switch. The best part is in most cases it is completely free.

During the signup process all you need to do is tick the box that says 'I wish to bring in a number from another provider' and we will contact you to get the required information.

How Much Will It Cost To Bring In My Number?

In nearly all cases there is no charge to convert your number to a virtual landline. We will always contact you in advance of proceeding should anything unexpected happen.

How Long Does The Process Take To Convert My Number To A Virtual Landline?

It usually takes around one week to bring a number in from major providers such as BT. We will give you the opportunity to choose your own date once the paperwork has been validated.

How Much Will I Save By Converting My Number To A Virtual Landline?

Bringing your number into Virtually Local is usually free. All that you need to pay is the monthly fee for your chosen package, which start from just £3.95;

Are There Any Risks In Converting My Number To A Virtual Landline?

Moving provider is a completely safe procedure done by thousands of individuals and businesses every day. You'll be given a date and time when your number will switch so you can be fully prepared. At the time of switch there can be up to an hour of downtime whilst various networks update their records, although this is usually much quicker. Our support team is always on hand if you have any questions during the process

What Are The Advantages of Converting Existing Fixed Landlines to a Virtual Landline?

  • Completely FREE to bring in your existing number
  • Save money as you do not need to pay expensive line rental
  • Keep your number safe and future-proofed as BT swich off the old analogue services at the end of 2025
  • Get all the features and advantages of a Virtual Landline such as call divert, online call history and call recording
  • Keep your number when you move premises
  • Risk free process usually taking no more than a week

Let's Get Started

Select an area from the drop down box, or start typing, to find the area code you need. Our wizard will guide you through the sign-up process.

  • FREE setup and instant activation on all standard numbers
  • Packages starting from just £3.95 per month
  • Choice of phone numbers in all towns and cities across the UK
  • Monthly rolling contract, you can cancel at any time
  • Make outbound calls from your virtual number
  • Keep your BT landline number by bringing it with you