Many businesses and sole traders want to get things up and running quickly with a mobile phone, free E-Mail address, and a bit of social media. That’s all you need, right?

Some may say that this is enough and that they are happy with what they’ve got, but something as simple as a memorable telephone number and a professional E-Mail address can make a world of difference. It makes your business look well established, trustworthy and improves its perceived size.

We recently surveyed 100 members of the public, and found that more than 4 in 5 would trust a business more if it published a geographic phone number and it’s own email instead of a mobile phone and a free email address. Investing in a geographic phone number and a custom domain shows that you’re investing in your company’s brand, reputation and overall image.

For example, it looks far more reputable to email [email protected] -vs- [email protected], and much easier to remember 0161 821 5555 -vs- 07700 900387. Imagine how much better it’ll look in big shiny letters on the side of a van!

It also allows you to separate your personal from your business interactions, allowing you to maintain a healthier work-life balance. If you subscribe to our ‘Business’ package or higher, you can configure a call plan that automatically sends out-of-hours calls directly to your voicemail. Even our Essential package at just £2.95 gives you the choice to answer or ignore a call as you can tell apart personal calls from calls to your Virtual Number.

Take advantage of all the benefits of a Virtual Number today by clicking the buttons below. Packages start from as little as £1 and make a fantastic positive investment into your brand and company image.