With Coronavirus Pandemic restrictions easing, and hopefully firmly assigned to the past, the Government’s furlough scheme is now ending which is resulting in many people are heading back to the office – some happy, some reluctantly. If you are a small business who wants to take a more decentralised approach, having a virtual telephone number may be more beneficial than you realise.

With a no-phones-on-desk approach, you and your employees don’t need a second phone, or to be in a single place to take calls – everything is managed in the cloud. A Virtually Local number can be pointed to any UK mobile or fixed landline phone, and you can change this whenever you want, from wherever you are. There’s no need to call technical support to ask them to update your phone system, or waiting in a queue to speak to your mobile provider. With a virtual landline number from Virtually Local, simply log in to our portal and update your number – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and changes are applied instantly!

With our intuitive user interface and simple options, you can pick from a range of simple one-to-one routing or more complex time-based options, meaning phone calls can be intelligently routed to different colleagues when you’re open, or play a message advising callers of your opening hours if they try to call when you’re closed.

With just your existing mobile phone, a Virtual Number turns into a crucial business communication tool. Worried about being on the phone or having no signal? Virtually Local can take care of that too, routing your call to a cloud based voicemail box or another colleague if you’re unavailable.

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