Having your voicemail on your phone is very useful, but what if your colleague needs to pick up a message about that job that a customer just left you a voicemail about? Perhaps you are driving and it’s not safe to pull over, so your customer has to wait; or you were busy in a meeting and the message got missed.

With Virtually Local’s cloud voicemail, any one of your colleagues can access the voicemail for your virtual number from anywhere. In addition to automatically receiving an email with a copy of the message attached, you can dial in to your dedicated voicemail box from anywhere in the world.

Our voicemail service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just like our online management portal, My Virtually Local. All plans from Essential+ and above come with free virtual voicemail facilities, with capacity for up to 50 messages per virtual number. No additional costs whatsoever.

Click the buttons below to sign up today for as little as £1 and experience the benefits virtual numbers can give to your business.